Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday is a fun little internet sensation I heard/read about a couple years back on one of my favorite blogs, and there’s something about it that I find compelling. These little tidbits of information you can learn about  someone that may never come up in everyday conversations fascinate me. I used to do this weekly with the hubs and the BFF via email. I thought I’d maybe give it a shot here instead this time. What better way to jump into blogging again?

This week’s theme is super-fun…ALL ABOUT THE 90′s!

1. Which boy band was your favorite and your favorite song? *NSYNC was my favorite for sure. Favorite song? It’s kind of funny. I heard “I Drive Myself Crazy” on the radio and was instantly obsessed, but I didn’t realize it was *NSYNC, nor that the song was on their CD, which I owned. This was long before the days of YouTube, iTunes, and other instant-gratification technology (godloveit), so I waited by the radio and watched TRL daily hoping to finally hear it again. I think a friend finally clued me in that I had the CD, and from then on I wore it out. Speaking of the video, do yourself a favor and watch it. I promise it’s good for a laugh.

2. Your favorite spice girl? Umm, Posh. Duh. 

3. Did you ever try the orbit drink? Of course. And it was disgusting. I’m sorry, but floaties in your drink on purpose? Just, why?

4. What brand of clothing were you in to? American Eagle, and nothing else.

5. Did you watch TGIF? Anybody who was anybody watched TGIF. I watched it with my Nanny and Bubba while enjoying dinner from my favorite place in the world, Long John Silvers. Try not to be too jealous. I was an awesome 8 year old. (P.S. I was devastated when Full House went off the air. I still remember it as one of the low points in my life, which says a lot about my life.)

6. What news story in the 90′s do you recall? Hmmm…obviously the O.J. Simpson trial was the most memorable. I also remember the Flood of ’93 getting non-stop local coverage. Otherwise, not a lot comes to mind without cheating and Googling “top news stories of the 90s.”

7. Who had the best talent: Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Brittney Spears, or Christina Aguilera? Who had the best talent? I kind of think they were all equally awesome/terrible in their own ways. Who did I like best? Mandy. A) She’s brunette. B) She’s the underdog. C) A Walk to Remember. Enough said.

8. Did Marilyn Manson creep you out? I was a goody-two-shoes Baptist from the midwest raised on country music, so you can probably figure that one out.

9. Who was your BFF? Kassie, who lived two doors down from me.

10. A picture of you in the 90′s. Oh, this is a gem. Even though I loved doing this because I was super girly and loved makeup and playing dress-up, Glamour Shots borders on child abuse. Just sayin’.